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    Like many people in the Ontario province, Ajax residents lead busy lives that include car travel on a near daily basis. Despite cars being so important to keeping life running, car maintenance tends to be one of the first things to slip when you don’t have time. This is where Auto Detailing Pro comes in!

    Ajax Mobile Auto Detailing Team

    Our Ajax mobile car detailing team makes it easier than ever to get the clean, properly maintained car you need. With our fully mobile unit we can wash and detail your car anywhere you need us. Since our Ajax mobile car detailing vehicle comes with everything we need, including water and power, to service your car there are few restrictions on where we can set up your appointment!

    Convenient Scheduling: Need an express wash before work? A fully detailed car for a showroom ready appearance? Our Ajax team has you covered! Starting at 7 a.m., 7 days a week we offer appointments to suit you.

    Time Estimates: We provide accurate time estimates that include time used for add on services and considerations for the size of your vehicle.

    Environmentally Sound Cleaning: We choose only the safest products to clean your car and combine them with the power of steam to reduce chemicals and water usage.

    Expert Car Detailing for All Your Vehicles:

    Along with compact cars and SUVs we also service larger vehicles like semi-trucks and RVs. We even have special packages for boats and experience with electric car detailing.

    We offer a range of options to suit the size of your car, your budget and time considerations. With everything from express washes to complete interior/exterior car detailing we have a service package to suit your needs. Call us at 416-839-4994 today to schedule an Ajax car detailing appointment today.

    What’s Included?

    We specialize in exceptional interior and exterior car detailing and proudly offer car owners in Ajax the following detailing solutions for all types of vehicles:

    • full interior detailing
    • engine detailing
    • exterior detailing and application of special ceramic coatings to vehicle
    • mobile headlight restoration
    • full exterior cleaning and detailing

    Why Choose Us?

    Auto Detailing Pro is committed to providing superior detailing services that enhance the appeal of your vehicle. When you hire us to detail your car, you can rest assured knowing you are getting quality work. Over the years, we have established a reputation of excellence and set ourselves apart from the others by consistently providing service that is second to none.

    Each expert on our team has been carefully selected based on their extensive experience and their dedication to providing excellent service. We pay close attention to detail and take pride in our workmanship.

    Our Ajax Detailing Services

    • Luxury Car Detailing – if you own a luxury car, you are probably selective about who you trust with your vehicle. Trust our experts to handle your interior and exterior detailing needs. We’ll take good care of your car and give it back its “wow” factor.
    • Headlight Restoration – headlights become cloudy over time due to a number of factors. This can be dangerous for driving and put you and others at risk. We can restore your headlights to peak performance by using highly quality products proven to be effective.
    • New Car Paint Protection – protecting the paint on your car can keep your car looking new years after your buy it. We can help maintain the exterior appeal of your car with our paint protection services.
    • Mobile Car Detailing – many business professionals like drivers use their vehicles for work and need to have their car looking pristine at all times. Our mobile detailing service is convenient and delivers professional detailing to you wherever you are in the GTA.
    • Interior Car Detailing – our interior detailing goes beyond vacuuming and dusting the inside of your car. We comb through every inch of your car to eliminate dirt and stains. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
    • Engine Detailing – it’s important to keep your engine clear and free of grease buildup. Over time, this buildup left logged in your engine can spell trouble. Get rid of grease and dirt in your engine by investing in our engine detailing service that includes power washing your engine, degreasing, steam clean and the application of protective coatings to all delicate engine components.
    • Ceramic Coating – love your car’s vibrant colour? While paint tends to become dull over time, coating and polishing your car can preserve its paintwork. Our ceramic coating can protect the paint on your car for up to 24 months.

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