Sleepers / Semi Truck Detailing

Semi-trucks and sleepers and their drivers serve an important role in our country and economy. Long trips down dusty highways, muddy roads and everything in between means these huge vehicles withstand a lot of elements to both their interior and exterior. Keeping a semi in good working condition is an essential part of keeping drivers safe and deliveries on time. Auto Detailing Pro is proud to be a part of what keeps Canada’s semi-trucks clean and working properly.

Whether you need single semi-truck detailing or sleepers detailing for a whole fleet, Auto Detailing Pro has the resources to clean, protect and restore your vehicles.


What Can You Expect from Your Semi-Truck Detailing?

Semi-truck and sleepers detailing is an intensive process that can include interior and exterior detailing depending on your needs. Interior detailing is especially important in sleeper trucks which serve as temporary, mobile sleeping quarters for drivers. As living spaces, they’re subject to even more of the staining and spills associated with other vehicle types. This can make for unpleasant smell, driving experience and more serious wear and tear. With our interior packages, we’re able to restore even the most hard used sleepers to their former glory. Our Ozone Generator add on is especially good for ridding cabs of any unpleasant smells during the semi-truck detailing.


Semi-Truck Detailing and Sleepers Detailing Packages

Shampoo Package (interior detailing): With our Shampoo package for semi truck detailing, we’re able to clean, condition and steam your cab’s interior. By using steam, we replace the need for many harsher chemicals while reducing the amount of water we use and still providing superior, antibacterial cleansing service.

With this package, your semi-truck detailing will include vacuuming, cleaning and dressing of interior surfaces, interior windows and mirrors, leather cleaning and conditioning and removal of salt stains. To get get an interior and exterior detailing try our:

Showroom Package (Interior and exterior detailing):

Our most popular package, the Showroom treatment includes everything from the Shampoo Package plus exterior detailing. One of the big advantages of this package for semi-truck detailing is that it includes door jamb cleaning. This area is especially prone to gathering dirt as truckers exit and enter the cab. Since the jamb houses parts that allow a door to open and close properly, it’s an important area to keep clean.

The Showroom package will leave both the inside and outside of your sleeper or semi fresh and clean and ready to take to the open road. But if you want even more, lasting protection against the elements try our:

Brand New Car Package (interior and exterior detailing plus sealant):

Including all the features from the Shampoo and Showroom packages plus protective Menzner sealant and finishing polish, this is our ultimate in sleepers detailing. Our sealant helps support the protective coat on your paint and prevent deeper scratches and damage.

With our Brand New Car option, your cab will look and feel like it just came off the assembly line. This is a great option for cabs that still run well but don’t look so great anymore and provides longer lasting protection against the elements.

Restore your cab with our interior and exterior detailing packages. Call us at Call (416) 839 4994 to discuss options and pricing for a single or fleet of semi-truck detailing.

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