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New Car Paint Protection & Detailing in Toronto

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    Nothing beats the high visual appeal and color vibrancy of a new car fresh off the showroom floor. There is only on big problem. Did you know, for example, that new vehicle paint protection isn’t automatically guaranteed by even a new cars clear coat?

    Whether in Toronto or anywhere, new car detailing is usually the last thing on the mind of new vehicle owners. Many assume, after all, that regular cleaning alone will be enough to maintain the look and aesthetic feel of their car for the first years of its life. New car paint protection, however, isn’t guaranteed out of the box. This is why even new car owners should look to undertake waxing and polishing of a car at least twice a year, in order to avoid problems caused by early oxidation and paint losing its vibrancy due to acidic environmental pollutants.


    Benefits of New Car Detailing & Paint Protection

    As a rule, car detailing services in Toronto can vary from everything from a simple car wash and wax to full interior valeting and professional paint protection. The good news, however, is that our own detailing services go above and beyond those offered by many of our local competitors. This is because to ensure the very best level of new car paint protection, we can apply clear ceramic coatings to vehicles which help protect paint coats for years as opposed to just a few weeks or months.

    Of course, the level of detailing which you are looking to invest in will vary. If, after all, you are already meticulous when it comes to the upkeep of your car, you may not need to invest in car detailing which includes thorough interior valeting. In either case, however, our goal is to help you maintain the aesthetic value of your Toronto vehicle for as long as possible, regardless of its age, present condition, or your budget.


    New Car Detailing for Better Peace of Mind

    Because new car detailing and professional paint protection services always start with a thorough cleaning of your car, SUV, or motorhome, detailing itself is a fantastic way to help keep your vehicle in peak physical condition for as long as possible. This being the case, help us help you cut your future maintenance costs whilst simultaneously helping you maintain your car’s potential resale value by calling or contacting us today for more information.


    Is coating necessary for new cars?

    Yes. Car owners should ensure their new vehicles are properly waxed and polished – or coated in any other way. Coating new cars guarantee there will be less paint work to be done as there are no issues with oxidation.

    External contaminants can be damaging to a car’s painting, and coating will avoid any issues. Dust, debris, outside factors, or the weather can negatively impact the paint of a new vehicle – hence why coating will give the car extra protection.

    It also helps car owners to save money in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to coat new cars – especially during the first couple of years. The car’s appearance can remain vibrant, preserving the new look for longer.

    Is ceramic coating worth it on a new car?

    Yes, ceramic coating in a new car is not only necessary but also worth it. In the long run, car owners can save money after coating their new cars, as there will be no need to spend so much on constant painting retouch.

    Coating also benefits the appearance of the car, as it conserves the new look of the vehicle. With coating, cars can remain shiny for longer. Many car owners underestimate the benefit that auto detailing can provide to their vehicles. That is because, with a car already looking brand new, one might think there is no need to do any detailing or cleaning for a little while. However, with more frequent care, auto detailing and coating, the car can remain clean and new for longer.

    How do you protect the paint on a brand-new car?

    Car owners can protect the paint on a brand-new car by regularly cleaning their vehicle, polishing it, waxing it when necessary or applying a ceramic coating.

    Ceramic coating will protect a car’s paint against chemicals, UV rays, dust or dirt. It also gives the car its brand-new look for a longer period of time – ceramic coating can remain in a car’s paint for two to four years without touch-ups.

    Clear paint protective film can also be beneficial for the painting of a new car. With a thermoplastic urethane, this option protects the look of brand-new cars against potential damages caused by small rocks or similar elements.

    Is it worth getting paint protection on a car?

    Paint protection film (PPF) is definitely worth it. With PPF, car owners can reduce the chances of scratches, chemicals, stains or small rocks damaging their vehicles.

    Paint protection film is a transparent material attached to a car that can protect the surface of any area it covers from potential exterior abrasions. The material is safe to use and easy to both apply and remove. It remains invisible and protects the car while providing car owners with a good-looking vehicle. This brand-new appearance can remain consistent from five to ten years – if properly applied.

    Competent and experienced professionals must apply PPF in order to ensure that the film will not turn yellow, rip or show air bubbles.

    What is the best protection for paint on a car?

    Ceramic coating takes the lead as the best and most recommended protection for paint on a car – brand-new or not. Ceramic coating is a chemical liquid carefully applied to the surface of a vehicle, providing it with a shiny and vibrant appearance while also protecting the paint from debris and other hazards.

    Aside from the new look and protection, ceramic coating also lasts longer than other coating or paint protection methods. While waxing or sealing a vehicle have to be done frequently, ceramic coating remains effective for five years – at least.

    Applying ceramic coating to brand-new cars along with paint protection film offers new and old vehicles the ultimate protection, adding a longer lifespan to a car’s paint.