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    Your pickup truck is likely a big part of your life and job. From hauling supplies to a worksite or making short work of dusty, country roads, pickup trucks are built to be tough and stand up to anything you can throw at them. However, the rough and tumble vehicles still need a little TLC sometimes in the form of interior and exterior detailing. With the amount of mud, dirt, and snow that your truck meets, it is especially important to get rid of this debris before it can scratch paint and encourage rust formation.

    While a regular hand washing will get rid of much of the dirt on the main exterior, this ignores things like door jambs, tire rims and the whole interior. Pickup trucks, when used as work vehicles especially, are going to be prone to various damages like holes in the upholstery, dents, scratches and more. Not only are these not great to look at, they can lead to bigger problems. Plus, not engaging in a thorough pickup truck detailing means there is more chance that you will miss signs of wear and tear that you could fix and prevent from becoming bigger problems.


    Pickup Truck Detailing Packages

    Make pickup truck detailing as easy and convenient as possible on yourself with Auto Detailing Pro’s interior and exterior detailing packages:

    Shampoo Package for Pickup Truck Detailing:

    That rough riding pickup truck, picks up a lot of dirt and grime along with everything else it can haul so an interior shampoo is a frequent necessity to keep things neat.

    Our interior pickup truck detailing process includes using environmentally sound products that are better for you and for the environment. We also use the power of steam cleaning to dig deep and to act as an antibacterial agent. Steam is not only proven to be effective on dirt and germs, it also uses less water than other methods and reduces the need for other chemicals.

    Showroom Interior and Exterior Detailing:

    For those days when you want your tough truck to look showroom ready, this is the package for you! Complete with total interior and exterior detailing, this packages includes everything from our Shampoo deal along with important extras to get your pickup’s exterior looking like it’s ready for a photo op.

    This interior and exterior detailing package includes hand washing with hand applied World’s Best Wax, polishing and rim/tire detailing. In addition, we also get your windows completely streak and smudge free, and detail your rims and tires.

    New Car Pickup truck detailing:

    Want even more protection for your paint job? Try our New Car Package. Complete with everything from our Shampoo and Showroom packages, this interior and exterior detailing service gets your car sparkling new while adding a protective sealant to keep your paint newer, longer.

    Our Menzerna sealant works with our compound and polish to truly protect your pickup’s exterior so you have a nicer looking car and less chance of larger repairs. We also have optional Ozone Generator to remove ground in smells and pet hair removal.

    Schedule your pickup truck detailing with Auto Detailing Pro Today and see why we have over 100 5/5 star reviews. Call (416) 839 4994.