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Headlight Restoration in Toronto

We Help Repair & Clean Oxidized, Foggy Headlights

As a rule, the brighter your headlights are, the safer you are on the road, regardless of where or what time of day you are driving. Did you know, however, that headlight restoration is one of the most overlooked pieces of essential car and vehicle maintenance?

Why Headlight Restoration is Vital for Better Driving Safety

Have you recently noticed that the light from your headlights is more yellow than bright white? If so, it is important to understand that yellow light rather than bright white light emanating from one or more of your car’s headlights is significantly dimmer and much more easily diffused when driving. Not investing in professional headlight restoration or replacement can, in this case, lead to serious accidents, even if your vehicle is otherwise maintained to the highest possible road safety standard.

Why you Might need to Invest in Professional Headlight Repair

In the past (up until around the mid-1980’s) a car headlight casing would usually be made of acrylic plastic which was itself prone to shattering and fogging after prolonged exposure to the elements. It is important to remember, however, that even modern vehicles which use modern polycarbonate headlight houses will still require restoration occasionally. This is due to the fact that chemical reactions caused by the light from headlight bulbs themselves, (as well as numerous environmental factors), can lead to the misting and fogging of even specially coated polycarbonate headlight houses.

How Headlight Restoration Works

The first thing to remember when it comes to obviously dim headlights is that dimming itself can be indicative of alternator and other in-car electrical problems. This being the case, if you have noticed a problem, it is imperative to seek help from headlight restoration experts such as ourselves who can identify exactly why your headlights might not be as bright as they used to be. The good news, however, is that in the majority of cases, we will be able to restore even older headlights to peak performance. So let us know your address and enjoy our reliable Car Detailing Service in North York, ON. Because Auto Detailing Pro – Mobile Car Detailing GTA is the most reputed company in Toronto.

Our Restoration Process

When you come to us with headlight restoration concerns, we will first assess the condition of your existing lights. We will then thoroughly wash and decontaminate headlight houses themselves, before using specialized sandpaper to completely remove any signs of oxidation and yellowing.

Once we have done this, we use two and three-stage clear paint correction to remove and scratches and light-diffusing artifacts, before also applying a special layer of protection designed to prevent future oxidation.

Help us Help you Drive more Safely

The benefits of professionally polishing headlights are simple. By keeping your car headlights in as near to new condition as possible, we help enhance your own road safety, as well as the safety of other road users in Toronto. Especially if you own a workhorse like a pick-up truck or a semi-truck. As an added bonus, we help you save in regard to the cost of full headlight replacement. This being the case, don’t wait to deal with yellow or dim lights until tomorrow. Instead, call or contact us today to improve your road safety now.

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