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Minivans, those symbols of suburban living, are responsible for getting whole little league teams to practice and transporting the family and family pets on cross country vacations and much more. If you own a minivan, there’s a good chance you’ve spent more than your fair share of time chauffeuring kids, transporting massive amounts of groceries and yelling to the backseat about how you don’t want anyone to make you “turn this car around.”

So much of life happens in a minivan owner’s vehicle that it’s no wonder that these mini behemoths are prone to all kinds of damage to the interior and exterior. You can keep your minivan running smoothly and looking great though with minivan detailing from Auto Detailing Pro. Our interior and exterior detailing packages get your minivan looking like new while helping to increase resale value and reducing the chances of costlier re-paint and upholstery.


Bringing Minivan Detailing to your Doorstep

“But how am I supposed to fit minivan detailing into my schedule?” you might be asking. Auto Detailing Pro’s mobile minivan detailing is making this easier than ever by bringing interior and exterior detailing right to your doorstep or car door as the case may be. With our mobile unit, we can come to your home and perform an express wash or car detailing right in your driveway while you make dinner or get ready for work. It’s that Easy!


Minivan Detailing Packages

Interior Shampoo Package:

Breathe deep again after you get this interior minivan detailing package which uses the power of steam cleaning to get out the dirt, dust and juice box spills your minivan interior has absorbed. You can even add our Ozone Generator to this package for even deeper smell removal to get rid of any residual funk leftover from that two-week long family vacay down the coast.

On average, this package takes around 2 hours to complete and will have your car smelling and looking wonderful inside. To make your exterior match get our Showroom Package:

Showroom Package (Interior and Exterior Detailing):

Get our most popular package for interior and exterior detailing. Our Showroom deal includes everything from our interior shampoo package along with everything you need to get a sparkly finish on your minivan. Why not get an additional new car paint protection to make the results last longer.

This includes exterior window washing, interior windows and mirrors, door jamb cleaning, rim and tire cleaning, and a World’s Best Wax applied by hand. Think of how nice it will be to climb into the minivan and not risk getting dirt on your pants from a dirty door jamb. This is the power of a Showroom finish. Want even more protection and a lasting clean? Then you need:

New Car Package (Interior and Exterior Detailing plus Sealant):

Our minivan detailing, New Car package includes shampoo and Showroom features along with sealant and polish to protect your paint job long after your detailing appointment.

With our New Car package, your minivan will be treated to thorough interior and exterior detailing then finished with Menzerna paint sealant and a final compound and polish. This intensive minivan detailing package can take several hours for obvious reasons. You can also add on pet hair removal, ozone generator, or a headlight restoration.

Get that suburban chariot looking cherry with a Auto Detailing Pro minivan detailing. Call us at (416) 839 4994 to find out about all our interior and exterior detailing options.

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