Ceramic Glass Coatings

Environmental pollutants and everyday dirt and grime can play havoc with your car’s paint and bodywork. This is why it is imperative to complement even a new car’s clear coat with regular waxing and polishing. There is only one problem. Even car owners who know how important it is to protect the paint coating on their vehicle, can lax occasionally when it comes to waxing and polishing their paintwork as regularly as they really should be.

Thankfully, if you are a busy professional in the Toronto area, there is a way to protect your car body and the vibrancy of your car paintwork without regular waxing. This is because, at Auto Detailing Pro, we can apply clear glass ceramic coatings to vehicles which work to protect cars for up to 24-months after a single application.


What is a Ceramic Glass Coating?

A ceramic glass coating is a layer of fiberglass nano-particles which creates a robust and fully transparent layer between your cars coat and the envoironment itself. In fact, after painting a vehicle with a high-quality ceramic glass coating, your vehicle will be just as protected against rusting and oxidative stress, as it will be against more immediately acidic environmental factors such as bird droppings and car paint compromising acid rain.


How a Ceramic Glass Coat is Applied

At Auto Detailing Pro, we apply leading 22ple ceramic glass coatings to vehicles which both protect exterior painting and detailing, whilst simultaneously adding an unparalleled level of gloss and shine.

Incredibly, when we apply a ceramic glass coating to a car, we will usually use just 20ml (for an average size car) of ceramic glass coating solution itself. Even this small amount of ceramic glass paint, however, will be more than enough to protect the average sized saloon or family car for up to 2-years after application. The important thing to remember, is that car surfaces need to be expertly cleaned and polished prior to coating. At the same time, vehicles should not be washed after a ceramic glass layer has been applied for at least 8-12 hours.


Highly Cost Effective & Highly Visual

Because a ceramic glass coating can protect car paint and body work for up to 24 months after a single application, painting a vehicle in with a specialized solution such as 22ple can completely remove the need for regular car waxing and polishing. The end result is, therefore, lasting paintwork protection which can help vehicle owners save substantially when it comes to the regular upkeep and maintenance of their vehicle.


Faster Drying & Safer Driving

At Auto Detailing Pro, we provide expert exterior car detailing solutions which help Toronto vehicle owners maintain the high visual appearance and resale value of their vehicles for as long as possible. An added benefit of adding a ceramic glass coating to a vehicle, however, regards the fact that once primed, our coatings will better repel water and lead to faster vehicle drying times and ultimately safer day to day driving experiences.

Are you looking to maintain your vehicle to the highest possible standard? If so, don’t settle for less than exterior and interior detailing which is guaranteed to help you prolong your vehicle’s visual appeal for as long as possible. This being the case, ask one of our team today about how a ceramic coat could benefit your vehicle.

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