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Mobile Car Detailing

Affordable mobile car detailing in Toronto and the GTA

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Auto Detailing Services

Highly trained team ready to do great work for newer or older vehicles.​

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Repair and protect your paint for years to come!

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Popular additional services that aren't part of our primary packages.

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Unlike other big auto detailing centres that offer car detailing as an upsell or add-on service


Unlike other big auto detailing centres that offer car detailing as an upsell or add-on service, at Auto Detailing Pro mobile car detailing is the only service we provide, and we strive for nothing less than perfect. We invite you to experience your automobile in a whole new level.


Unlike other big auto detailing centres that offer car detailing as an upsell or add-on service, at Auto Detailing Pro mobile car detailing is the only service we provide, and we strive for nothing less than perfect. We invite you to experience your automobile in a whole new level.


Unlike other big auto detailing centres that offer car detailing as an upsell or add-on service, at Auto Detailing Pro mobile car detailing is the only service we provide, and we strive for nothing less than perfect. We invite you to experience your automobile in a whole new level.


You know how important your appearance is on the local Toronto business scene. But do you pay as much attention to the upkeep and appearance of your main work car also?

interior car cleaning
interior car cleaning

Toronto Car Detailing & Interior Car Cleaning

Interior and exterior car detailing is vital for projecting the right professional business image. At the same time, it’s no secret that accumulated dirt can severely detract from the simple pleasure of driving in the first place. Much more importantly, poor car cleaning and detailing itself, can often lead to a wide variety of fully preventable maintenance problems.

Thankfully, at Auto Detailing Pro Inc, we can help you take to the road as professionally and as confidently as possible. Read More

Complete Interior And Exterior Mobile Car Detailing Toronto


Reliable Service Guaranteed


Safe, Effective Steam Cleaning

Let us clean your car, truck, or recreational vehicle using naturally anti-bacterial interior steam cleaning. By using steam cleaning and high power vacuum cleaning on your car interior, we can restore your car or truck cabin to a showroom level of cleanliness, all without any need for potentially health and environmentally adverse chemical detergents.

Packages to Fit Your Budget

Are you already meticulous when it comes to your interior car cleanliness? If so, you might be looking for a Toronto car detailing who can pay sole attention to the upkeep of your car exterior only. Thankfully, we can provide custom quotes for a wide variety of standalone (or combination) washing, waxing, and interior car cleaning services.


7-Day a Week Scheduling

Have your car or commercial business car detailing around a time convenient for you, thanks to our 7-day service schedule.
At Auto Detailing Pro, we can schedule mobile interior and exterior cleaning of any car in Toronto from 7 am onwards. All you need to do is schedule a detailing appointment around whenever is most convenient for you and/or your other vehicle users.

Fully Mobile Toronto Car Detailing

At Auto Detailing Pro, we offer fully mobile car detailing all across Toronto. Whether you are self-employed or operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, we can be on-site with you whenever and wherever you need us to be. This is because our fully mobile car and truck detailing unit is equipped with everything we need to professionally clean your car, regardless of your location.

Interior Car & Truck Detailing

Re-achieve a showroom ready car interior thanks to specialized vacuum and steam cleaning. Add a second to none level of cleanliness to your vehicle’s interior thanks to detailing experts who can remove even the most stubborn upholstery stains. Call now and allow us to revitalize your day to day driving experience thanks to a crumb and stain free cabin which is guaranteed to impress your passengers, as well as add significant resale value should you choose to sell your car.

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interior auto detailing

Ceramic Coating

Measure the longevity of your car, truck, or commercial vehicle fleets paintwork in years not months. At auto Detailing Pro, we can apply a full transparent nano-ceramic coating to your vehicles paintwork. This coating will not wear off over time like a temporary wax coating. Instead, it will block all common corrosive particles and pollutants. In doing so, we can help your vehicle withstand years of assault from bird droppings and acidic city smog, whilst still appearing as visually vibrant as the day it first rolled out of the showroom.

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ceramic coating

Engine Detailing

If you are preparing a car or any other kind of car for resale, engine detailing is a fantastic way to ensure that your car looks just as good under the hood as it does in every other respect. However, professional engine detailing can also help your engine run cooler, as well as identify potential maintenance issues such as wear in rubber hoses, belts, and leaking valve cover gaskets.

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car engine

Headlight Restoration

Scratched, faded, and dull headlights aren’t just detrimental when it comes to the overall look of your Toronto car. If your headlights have become oxidized and cloudy, our restoration experts can increase your personal level of road safety by restoring your lights to their true full brightness.

Of course, headlights will occasionally need to be replaced, however, in most cases we can help you save, simply be restoring the headlights which you have already.

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headlight restoration

Corporate And Event Detailing Any Occasion!

The Auto Detailing PRO providing Special Events Detailing Program.

  • 100%mobile, on site  services when you need them.
  • Complete detailing and polishing.
  • Friendly, efficient and experienced staff.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • And much more.

Contact Auto Detailing PRO team  today to learn more about our 100 % mobile auto detailing for your next event! Call (416) 839-4994

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At Auto Detailing Pro, we don’t just provide superior detailing and valeting. Instead, we treat every vehicle which we work with with the highest possible level of respect.

We use only the safest possible detergents and shampoos in order to be as kind as possible to both you and your vehicle upholstery. We love what we do and we love helping our Toronto clients drive more safely and more confidently than ever before. This being the case, help us help you turn the clock back finally and book your first interior or exterior detailing appointment today.

100% Mobile Car Detailing Toronto and Car Wash

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Give the gift of a clean car with the Auto Detailing Pro gift card! Available in any denomination, it’s the perfect gift for any occasion! Simply fill in the information of you and your loved ones and get one step closer to a beautifully detailed car!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Auto Detailing Pro is proud to stand behind our work, our services and crew. We love what we do and want to make sure you love what we do too! Whether you order our express wash or complete New Car package we 100% guarantee your car will get the best treatment with industry standard techniques and equipment.  Book your auto detailing with us and experience the Auto Detailing Pro difference.

Detailing Packages

Interior Package$125

Upholstery Clean, Shampoo and steam, Detailed vacuum, Extract dirt and shampoo carpets & mats &roof liner, Salt Stain Removal, cleaning door jams and much more

Do you want to go back in time to the days of pristine upholstery, a sparkling dash, and that all important new car smell? If so, our $99 interior detailing package deal is just what you are looking for. After booking your appointment and letting us know where you need us to be in Toronto, we’ll dispatch a professional cleaning team to you asap.

Using a high-strength vacuum to eliminate dirt and debris from your carpets, upholstery, and door jams, we’ll then shampoo and steam clean your interior in order to help turn the clock back finally.

Cleaning and removing even the most stubborn stains, we will revitalize every inch of your car interior, including your roof liner, mats, and much more. Even better, you will be able to drive away the same day feeling like you are in a completely different driving seat.

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Exterior Package$220

Claybar entire vehicle, High-speed buff/polish, wax & paint sealant, Dress tires $shine treatment, Dress all  exterior plastics and much more

Nothing can restore your Toronto car to near pristine visual condition better than a full exterior detail. This is why for just $200, our cleaning teams will use an auto detailing claybar to remove even the deepest and most pitted in dirt from your car’s bodywork. Claying is non-abrasive and will free your car exterior of even the most stubborn stains and particles. To really get your motor looking as good as it did when it was new, our Toronto cleaning team will buff and polish your exterior paintwork to the highest possible standard also.

Once we have buffed and polished your vehicle, our exterior car detailing experts will wax and seal your paintwork in order to prolong the high visual appeal of your car body for as long as possible. Finally, we will then dress and shine all plastics, leaving your car looking literally as good as it did the first time you turned the key in the ignition.

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New Car Package$320

Clay bar treatment whole car, Removing bugs & tars, Trunk vacuum & shampoo, Headlights restoration, Ozone Generator treatment and much more

Do you love your car but hate how you have let your interior and exterior detailing slip over the years? If so, we can help you turn the clock back finally.

As part of our most fully featured interior and exterior detailing service, we will use an auto detailing claybar to remove even the most pitted in dirt from your vehicle exterior. After claying, we will then buff, polish, and wax your car paintwork before moving onto your windows, mirrors and vehicle interior.

Using a high-strength vacuum, steam cleaning, and shampooing, we will spend a total of three hours going over every inch of your car cabin, trunk, and exterior. The result will be the removal of even the most stubborn stains from your seat upholstery, roof liner areas, and carpets. Even better, we will clean and restore your headlights, before also attending to a hundred and one other specifics designed to make your car look and feel as good as new as possible.

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