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    Brampton is definitely a driven city in more ways than one. With over 500,000 residents in this densely-populated area, stop and go city driving is a big part of life here. Between the dirt and grime of the streets and the harsh elements of winter, vehicles can really take a beating in Brampton.

    While it might seem like just an unsightly inconvenience to have your car dirty, this buildup can actually cause damage to your car. Think about how gritty the material is that lands on your car and how long it stays there sometimes. Each day that dirt stays, is another day risking scratches in your paint job which can lead to far costlier repairs.

    Your Convenient Mobile Auto Detailing Solution in Brampton

    To help you avoid those bigger problems, Auto Detailing Pro mobile car detailing comes right to your front door! Our Brampton mobile car detailing unit makes caring for your car easier than ever with our fully mobile system. We come equipped with all the tools, water and power needed to give your car everything from an express wash to full interior/exterior car detailing.

    7 Day a Week Car Detailing: Our Brampton car detailing unit can be at your home, work, car dealership or anywhere you need us as early as 7 a.m., 7 days a week.

    Environmentally Safe Car Detailing: We minimize the amount of chemicals we use by incorporating the power of steam cleaning into our Brampton car detailing. This not only reduces the risk to you and your car, but to the environment as a whole. When we do use cleaning products, we choose only the safest solutions available.

    Expert Auto Detailing for ALL Vehicles: Have a large vehicle like an RV or Semi-truck? We have the know-how and resources to detail it thoroughly and efficiently. We also service electric cars which require special consideration and even boats.

    Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee has led to over 100, 5/5 star reviews. We make it a point to meet and exceed the expectations of Brampton residents with all our mobile car detailing services. Schedule an appointment with us today to see why we have so many repeat customers. Call at 800-716-5668.

    What’s Included?

    Restore your car’s showroom shine by hiring Auto Detailing Pro for professional car detailing services. We offer the following on all types of vehicles:

    • full interior detailing
    • engine detailing
    • exterior detailing and application of special ceramic coatings to vehicle
    • mobile headlight restoration
    • full exterior cleaning and detailing

    Why Choose Us?

    It’s important that you get your money’s worth whenever you hire a car detailing company. Auto Detailing Pro is the trusted name in car detailing in Brampton. Our team is known for meticulous detailing and we take great pride in our work. Our packages are not only affordable, they are convenient and designed to keep our customers satisfied.

    We use top-of-the-line products to bring quality to every detailing job we handle and offer every single one of our clients top-notch, long-lasting car detailing so they can enjoy their vehicle to the fullest.

    Our Brampton Car Detailing Services

    • Luxury Car Detailing – high-end cars are a beauty, and we are passionate about enhancing every feature of your luxury vehicle. Our broad range of professional detailing solutions including exterior paint protection and interior detailing.
    • Headlight Restoration – keeping your headlights operating at optimal performance is necessary for safe driving. Due to weather elements, headlights can become dim and foggy. Our team can reverse this effect and restore your headlights to peak performance.
    • New Car Paint Protection – the paintwork on your vehicle is largely responsible for the exterior appeal of your car. Keep your car looking brand new by investing in our professional paint protection services.
    • Mobile Car Detailing – we proudly offer flexible car detailing options to make our services as convenient as possible for our valued customers. Our mobile car detailing service allows you to experience our professional detailing services anywhere in the GTA.
    • Interior Car Detailing – we believe that the inside of your car deserves just as much attention as your car’s exterior. We offer thorough cleaning and remove dirt and stains in hard to reach areas inside your vehicle.
    • Engine Detailing – grease buildup can spell trouble for your car’s engine. We use a set of specialized techniques to power wash your engine, degrease, steam clean and apply protective coatings to all delicate engine components.
    • Ceramic Coating – coating and polishing your vehicle is key to preserving an impeccable finish. A single application of our clear glass ceramic coating can protect the paint on your car for up to 24 months.

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