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    Welcome to the era of superior vehicle grooming with AutoDetailingPro – the go-to destination for professional car detailing services in the Barrie area. We are the curators of gleaming vehicles, instilling a new level of clean that symbolizes elegance and vibrance.

    Our quality auto detailing service goes beyond and above to meet your satisfactory. We meticulously clean, buff, and polish your vehicle to elevate its aesthetic grandeur and maintain its value. From in-depth interior cleaning to refining your vehicle’s exterior, AutoDetailingPro effortlessly blend expertise with the passion for transforming your auto into a dazzling masterpiece on wheels.

    About Our Mobile Car Detailing Services

    Our exceptional car detailing process incorporates with high-end equipment high quality products and industry-grade and eco friendly products to cleanse every corner of your vehicle. Our suite of car detailing services, designed exclusively with your convenience in mind, include:

    Luxury Car Detailing – We recognize the pristine aura of high-end cars and are committed to help maintain their flawless condition. Our range of professional car detailed solutions includes exterior paint protection and luxury car-specific interior detailing services.

    Headlight Restoration – Never compromise on safety when you’re on the road. Harsh weather can result in dim and foggy headlights, impairing visibility. Our team dedicate their skills to reverse these effects and restore your headlights to top-notch performance.

    New Car Paint Protection – Nothing but the best for your new ride! Our professional car paint protection services are sure to keep the exterior car detailing free from chips or scratches.

    Mobile Car Detailing – We make professional mobile car detailing services as convenient as possible. With our full mobile car detailing service offering, you can enjoy our first-rate service anywhere in the GTA.

    Interior Car Detailing – Nobody does it quite like us. Our interior car detailing is all about thorough cleaning, removing grime, stains, dirt and hard-to-reach dirt, making your auto’s inner spaces as good as new.

    Engine Detailing – Keep your car engine performance top-notch with our specialized engine detailing service where grease build-up is a thing of the past. We power wash your engine, apply a degreaser, steam clean, and add a protective coating to all vulnerable engine components.

    Ceramic Coating – For that long-lasting dazzle, our clear glass ceramic coating is the real deal. Just one layer offers your car’s paint job up to 24 months of unmatched protection.

    Why Choose Us

    AutoDetailingPro stands above the competition in Barrie because we live and breathe vehicular elegance. Our suite of services, designed exclusively with your convenience in mind, include:

    Mobile Car Detailing at your Fingertips

    Revel in the comfort of top-tier, auto detailing services delivered straight to your doorstep. Our best-in-class mobile auto detailing service fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, ensuring your vehicle shines without disrupting your schedule.

    Eco-Friendly Car Detailing

    At AutoDetailingPro, we match our love for cars with our commitment to the environment. Our eco-conscious car detailing packages and approach employs planet-friendly products that deliver outstanding results while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum.

    Detailing Expertise for Vehicles of All Sizes

    From snug hatchbacks and roomy SUVs to hefty semi-trucks or large RVs, we cater to all with our mobile car detailing service. We utilize bespoke products fine-tuned to your vehicle’s specific demands, covering every inch meticulously.

    Upfront Pricing – No Hidden Surprises

    We value integrity and clarity, which is why our detailing service packages come with predefined pricing. Our packages, starting as low as $99, are tailored to cater to diverse needs without any hidden add-ons or unexpected surprises.

    Detailing Packages

    We’ve curated a variety of service packages to meet our customers and clients’ unique needs:

    Interior Care Package ($150)

    This package delivers a thorough cleaning and rejuvenating of your vehicle’s interiors. Enjoy comprehensive services, including expert upholstery cleaning, full steam cleaning, detailed vacuuming, and meticulous shampooing of carpets, mats, and roof liners. Specialty services like salt stain removal and efficient cleaning of the door panels and jams are also included.

    Showroom Perfection Package ($200)

    Our most sought-after package includes a meticulous hand wash, removal of bugs from the front end and mirrors, degreasing and polishing rims, inside-out window cleaning, trunk vacuum and shampooing, salt stain removal, all plastic dressing, and leather cleaning and conditioning.

    Exterior Elegance Package ($220)

    Enhance your car’s outer charm with our exterior detailing package. We enact a full clay bar treatment, high-speed buffing and polishing, wax application, and paint sealant to protect your car’s paint job. The package is complete with our tire shine treatment and care for your car’s exterior plastics.

    New Vehicle Package ($320)

    A holistic pack that ensures every detail of your vehicle is cared for. It includes a full clay bar treatment, bug and tar removal, thorough trunk vacuum and shampooing, efficient headlight restoration, and an ozone generator treatment. This package is designed to ensure your new vehicle maintains its pristine condition for an extended period.

    Benefits of Auto Detailing Services

    Detailing is an investment that pays off in numerous ways:

    1. Preserves Aesthetic Appeal: Regular detailing helps maintain your vehicle’s cosmetic appeal and shine, turning heads wherever you go.

    2. Increases Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle demands a higher price tag in the used car market.

    3. Improves Safety: Headlight restoration improves visibility, and interior and exterior cleaning also can contribute to a healthier environment inside your vehicle.

    4. Enhances Driving Experience: A clean, well-maintained car provides a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

    5. Early Detection of Issues: Regular detailing often identifies potential problems on the brink of expensive repairs.

    6. Prolongs the Life of the Vehicle: Detailed care ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly by maintaining both its internal mechanisms and outer beauty.

    7. Provides a Germ-Free Environment: Detailing removes harmful bacteria and allergens that could lead to health issues.

    8. Protects Vehicle Paint: Regular detailing and applying of protective layers can safeguard your vehicle’s paint job from scratches, chips, and atmospheric wear and tear.

    9. Improves Fuel Efficiency: A clean engine runs more efficiently, resulting in better fuel consumption.

    10. Restores Vehicle To Its Original Form: Detailing revives a vehicle’s initial flair, giving it a fresh-out-of-the-showroom appearance.

    Book an Appointment

    Booking your appointment is a breeze. Choose your preferred package, pick a convenient date and time, and voila – you’re one step closer to a shining ride. No curve ball, just effortless booking and dedicated service.


    What does mobile detailing in Barrie involve?

    Our mobile detailing service in Barrie is designed for utmost convenience. We travel to your location with all the necessary equipment and materials to detail your vehicle spotlessly.

    How long does mobile detailing take?

    The duration of our mobile detailing service varies depending on the condition of your vehicle and the professional detailing services package you choose. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.

    Does mobile detailing include interior cleaning?

    Absolutely. Our mobile truck detailing service is comprehensive, including a thorough cleaning of the vehicle interior, vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, and wiping down all surfaces.

    What if it rains during my scheduled mobile detailing appointment?

    Weather is always a concern, but we’ve got you covered. In case of rain, we would reschedule the appointment at your convenience to ensure the detailing job does not compromise on the highest quality products.

    Is mobile detailing more expensive than bringing my car to your location?

    Our Mobile Detailing service aims to bring convenience to our customers and quality service is competitively priced. The cost depends on the detailing package you choose and is aligned with the services we provide at our facility.-

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    We’re here to assist you. Feel free to reach out via email or a phone call, and we’ll ensure your questions are answered promptly. Find us at our centrally located venue in Barrie or get in touch through our social media handles for quick updates on our service.

    Ready to bring back your car’s showroom shine?

    Don’t wait to restore your vehicle’s sparkle. Get the best car detailing service in Barrie at AutoDetailingPro today. Whether it’s exteriors that need a flossy finish or interiors crying out for a sprucing up, we promise a facelift that lasts.

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