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    Car detailing is a comprehensive deep-clean service that aims to restore your vehicle’s sparkle, inside and out. At AutoDetailingPro, our meticulous approach includes an exterior car detailing and wax, interior car detailing, window cleaning, and tire detailing. We proudly use premium materials and state-of-the-art equipment, entrusting your car to our seasoned auto detailing professionals passionate about reviving every vehicle’s look.

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    Why AutoDetailingPro is the Choice for North York Residents

    Fully Mobile Car Detailing

    Experience the convenience of professional auto detailing that comes to you. We’ve taken our top-notch service mobile, making it easier than ever to fit a detailing appointment into your busy schedule.

    Environmentally Safe Car Detailing

    We’re passionate about cars, but we’re also committed to the environment. Our detailing process utilizes eco-friendly products that not only provide exceptional results but also minimize our environmental footprint.

    Steam Cleaning Excellence

    We harness the power of steam to reduce the need for harsh chemicals and excessive water usage. This innovative approach guarantees a thorough clean that’s gentle on your vehicle and the environment.

    Professional Detailing for All Vehicle Sizes

    From compact cars to expansive SUVs and even semi-trucks or RVs, there’s no vehicle too big or small for mobile car detailing services from AutoDetailingPro. Our mobile detailing service utilizes specialized products tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle.

    Electric Car Specialization

    Electric cars require a distinct approach to auto detailing compared to their fuel-run counterparts. Trust your electric vehicle with AutoDetailingPro, where our expert methods cater to your car detailed its unique detailing requirements.

    Affordable Rates

    We understand the great value of of a clean, well-maintained car in York, which is why we offer competitively priced packages that accommodate various budgets. We’re dedicated to contributing to our city’s smooth operation by making our top-quality services accessible to all.

    Transparent Pricing with Our Detailing Packages

    We believe in the importance of honesty and transparency, which is why our detailing packages come with fixed pricing. Starting from just $99, our packages are designed to suit various needs and budgets, with no hidden fees or unwelcome surprises.

    Unrivalled Customer Satisfaction

    With over 400: 5-star reviews, we’re proud of our proven track record of exceptional service. Our commitment to an amazing experience and fantastic customer service remains unwavering, and maintaining our high ratings is a key focus.

    Discover why so many customers turn to AutoDetailingPro time and time again. Call us at 416-839-4994 today to schedule your premium North York car detailing service!

    About AutoDetailingPro

    Founded to deliver the highest standard of car detailing services in North York, AutoDetailingPro has consistently maintained this commitment over the years. Our seasoned team shares our passion, bringing a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to every task, reaffirming our reputation with amazing service and every gleaming car that leaves our lot.

    With our fully mobile car detailing service, we ensure utmost convenience by bringing our skills and expertise directly to your doorstep! Our professional team, armed with substantial experience and acute attention to detail, is adept at providing impeccable cleans, regardless of your vehicle type.

    Be it an SUV, a sedan, or a luxury vehicle, we have you covered. We take immense pride in our broad portfolio, which includes mobile detailing services for a wide range of vehicles, even extending to the specialized needs of electric cars!

    Our comprehensive auto detailing services go beyond just a basic wash and vacuum:

    Exterior Car Detailing

    Our exterior and interior detailing service thoroughly cleans and reconditions your car’s outward appearance. From a careful hand wash to polish and wax application, we strive to restore your vehicle’s shine, making it look brand new.

    Interior Car Detailing

    Our interior car detailing service focuses on deep-cleaning the cabin area of your car. From the dash area to the carpets, seats, and hard-to-reach corners of small car, we meticulously sanitize and freshen up your vehicle’s interior.

    Engine Detailing

    Our engine detailing service caters to the heart of your vehicle. We clean, degrease, and protect your engine bay, enhancing its performance and longevity.

    Ceramic Pro Coating

    We offer Ceramic Pro Coating, a state-of-the-art coating solution that adds an extra layer of protection to your car’s paintwork. It enhances the gloss, resists scratches salt stains, and protects against environmental damages.

    Steam Cleaning

    We harness the power of steam cleaning, an eco-friendly and efficient car care and cleaning, method that helps remove stubborn stains, eliminates bacteria, and revitalizes your vehicle’s interior and exterior without using harsh chemicals.

    Our Detailing Process

    Our detailing process is designed to provide the best service and most thorough clean possible. Here’s how it works:

    1. Inspection: We start by conducting a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to assess its condition and detailing requirements.
    2. Interior Clean: Our experts thoroughly vacuum the interior, reaching every nook and cranny to remove dust, dirt, and debris.
    3. Exterior Wash: The exterior detailing is treated to a thorough wash, removing grime and road dirt. Our team takes special care to clean hard-to-reach areas like the wheel wells and under the chassis.
    4. Detailing: This is where the magic happens. Depending on your chosen package, this may include services like waxing and polishing, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and tire detailing.
    5. Final Checks: After auto detailing, we perform a final check to ensure every inch of your car meets our high standards. Any overlooked areas are quickly corrected.

    Service Packages at AutoDetailingPro

    We offer a range of service packages to cater to the diverse needs of our customers:

    Interior Package ($150): Enjoy services like upholstery cleaning, detailed vacuuming, full steam cleaning,, and shampooing of carpets, mats, and roof liner. We also specialize in salt stain removal and thorough cleaning of door jams.

    Showroom Ready Package ($200): Our best-seller includes a hand wash and bug removal from the front end and mirrors, degreasing and polishing rims, windows cleaned inside and out, trunk vacuum and shampoo, dressing all plastic, salt stain removal, and leather cleaning and conditioning.

    Exterior Package ($220): We clay bar the entire vehicle, high-speed buff and polish, apply wax and paint sealant, and dress the tires with a shine treatment. We also care for your car’s exterior plastics.

    New Car Package ($320): This comprehensive package includes a full clay bar treatment, bug and tar removal, trunk vacuum and shampoo, headlight restoration, and an ozone generator treatment.

    What’s Included?

    At AutoDetailingPro, we are passionate about unveiling the hidden charm of your vehicle. Regardless of the type, every vehicle can benefit from our comprehensive suite of services:

    • Deep Cleaning of the Interior: We delve into every nook and cranny to restore the fresh, clean feel of your car’s interior.
    • Engine Detailing: Boost performance and aesthetics with our careful and thorough engine detailing.
    • Exterior Detailing and Ceramic Coating: We not only enhance your vehicle’s exterior appearance but also apply specially-formulated ceramic coatings for additional protection.
    • Mobile Headlight Restoration: Increase safety and visual appeal with our convenient mobile headlight restoration service.
    • Comprehensive Exterior Cleaning and Detailing: From bumper to bumper, we meticulously clean and detail your vehicle’s exterior, making it gleam like new.

    Connect with AutoDetailingPro

    We’re here to assist you with any questions and to schedule your car detailing service. Our experts are more than happy to guide you through our range of options, ensuring you select the perfect detailing package for your vehicle.

    Ready for a transformation? Let our experts bring out the best in your vehicle with our York car detailing services. Book your appointment today!

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