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    Professional Car Detailing Whitby

    Professional car detailing involves a craft of restoring and cleaning vehicles to a like-new condition. Car detailing services also involve a much more labor-intensive and precise approach when compared to a regular car wash.

    What Car Detailing Whitby Services Are Included In Professional Car Detailing?

    While it is possible for anyone to detail a vehicle through the process of cleaning the outside and inside, an expert detail is performed by experienced detailers that use high-quality products and precise techniques.

    Here is a list of the services included in car detailing Whitby packages:

    Exterior Car Cleaning

    Exterior Wash And Dry

    The washing and the drying process are always done manually (by hand). The detailer sprays and wipes down the exterior of the vehicle with specialized equipment and products. These processes also include washing the glass, door handles, and rims by hand.

    Paint Claying

    After washing and drying the car, a special clay bar is then used to remove overspray, contaminants, or any residue leftover after the washing process. Claying results in smoother and cleaner surfaces and increases the overall effectiveness of wax and polish.


    Polishing is used to buff abrasive compounds onto the paintwork of the car which removes the first layers of the clear coat. This process removes small swirls and scratches.

    Waxing Or Sealing

    A special sealant or wax is applied to provide a protective layer and glossy shine.

    Additional exterior services often added to the packages include engine detailing, trim repainting, engine pressure cleaning, headlight polishing, bumper repair, paint touch-ups, and glass chip repairs.

    Interior Car Cleaning


    Carpets, mats, seats, the trunk, the rear cargo area, and the headliner are all thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust and debris.

    Brushing And Scrubbing

    This process removes any stains from the mats and floor carpets.

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is used to remove tough and stubborn stains in the seats and carpets.

    Leather Trimming

    A special leather soap and cleaner are used for cleaning all the leather parts inside the car.

    Glass Cleaning

    These cleaning techniques are used to clean the windows and windshield.

    Additional Car Detailing Whitby Services

    Our professional car detailers also provide these professional services in our packages:

    Paint Correction: These services include a process that removes flaws from the car’s paintwork such as oxidation or dull paint. Our detailers use rotary machine polishers to provide professional paint correction.

    Ceramic Coating: This service includes a liquid polymer that is applied to the outside of the car. This protects the paintwork of the car. Ceramic coatings are used as one of the premium alternatives to wax.

    PPF: PPF is short for Paint Protection Film. This layer is made up of thin polyurethane to protect the paintwork on the car from small scratches, rock chips, acid rain, mineral deposits, and UV light. This service and product provide even more protection when compared to ceramic coatings.

    The Benefits Of Car Detailing Whitby

    A car detail service completely restores the exterior and interior of your vehicle. To give you an idea of the benefits of detailing, below are a few of the top benefits of booking this procedure:

    Preserve Paint Condition

    The exterior paint on a vehicle is often affected by debris, dust, and dirt. To stop your car from picking up tiny dings and scratches, a routine car detailing service is highly recommended. During the appointment, our professional technicians provide a wax layer to the paintwork to restore shine and add a protective layer or barrier.

    Preserve The Value Of Your Vehicle

    If you plan to sell your car, routine detailing services will go a long way towards preserving the overall value of the car. Car’s in excellent cosmetic condition are always more appealing to potential buyers.

    Restore Interior Comfort

    When you invest in regular detailing services, it becomes easy to maintain a clean and fresh interior. These services include conditioning and cleaning the seats and removing buildup and dirt from the dashboard.

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