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    Residents of the bustling city of North York know that city life can really up the damage on your car. Between the dirt, snow and ice from the elements and the frustrations of stop and go traffic, your vehicle is taking some serious hits during your morning commute.

    Proper car detailing and cleaning is an essential part of minimizing the damage done by regular use. By employing the benefits of Auto Detailing Pro’s North York mobile car detailing, you can help your car’s paint job to look fresh and new while also helping to prevent problems caused by chipping paint. Your interior will also benefit from thorough car detailing to get rid of stains, prevent cracking and eliminate odors.

    What can the North York Auto Detailing Team do for you?

    Auto Detailing Pro’s North York car detailing team of experienced technicians bring you the ultimate in convenient, efficient and thorough car care. Our mobile unit comes complete with EVERYTHING we need to get your vehicle looking great, including water and power! This means we’re able to service your car, SUV, truck or even boat anywhere you need us.

    Whether you want an express wash before work or a complete interior/exterior car detailing to get your car showroom ready, our team has the right package deal for you. In addition to our superior quality and convenience you can expect:

    Environmentally Safe Cleaning: Auto Detailing Pro chooses only the safest cleaning products to make things better for you, your car and the North York environment.

    Steam Powered Cleaning: We use steam to replace other, harsher chemicals and to save on water while still getting a superior clean.

    Expert Car Detailing for ALL Vehicles: Whether you have a small car, large SUV or even a very large semi-truck or RV, Auto Detailing Pro’s mobile car detailing service has the right products for your vehicle.

    Electric Car Detailing: Electric cars differ greatly from traditional fuel-run vehicles and require special consideration when detailing. Don’t trust your electric car to just any mobile car detailing system, choose Auto Detailing Pro to get expert cleaning.

    Competitive Pricing: Auto Detailing Pro knows the importance of a clean and well maintained car in North York and we strive to offer package deals that can fit into any budget so we can do our part to keep this city running smoothly.

    5-Star Service: With over 100, 5-star ratings, Auto Detailing Pro is proud of our performance record and make it a top priority to keep customers happy and our ratings up.

    Give us a chance to show you why we have so many repeat customers by calling Auto Detailing Pro today at 416-839-4994 to set up your expert North York car detailing!

    What’s Included?

    Auto Detailing Pro strives to provide a list of services that brings out the beauty of your car. We offer the following on all types of vehicles:

    • full interior detailing
    • engine detailing
    • exterior detailing and application of special ceramic coatings to vehicle
    • mobile headlight restoration
    • full exterior cleaning and detailing 

    Why Choose Us?

    We are a leader in professional car detailing services in North York. One of the things that stands out about our car detailing solutions is that we pay attention to every minute detail. We offer a wide range of services that are affordable to our customers and have perfected the art of car detailing to the tee.

    When you bring your car to us for detailing, you can be sure that your satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer nothing less than top-notch workmanship to ensure you get your money’s worth.

    Our North York Car Detailing Services

    • Luxury Car Detailing – luxury car owners take exceptional pride in their vehicles, and rightfully so. These vehicles are created to be magnificent, and every single feature is designed to give the car a “wow” factor. Trust our team to keep your luxury car in tip-top condition with our interior and exterior detailing services.
    • Headlight Restoration – headlights become cloudy over time due to a combination of weather element and oxidation. This can create a safety hazard when driving because visibility is reduced. We can help restore your headlights to improve headlight effectiveness.
    • New Car Paint Protection – who can forget the bright, shining exterior on a new car? Over time, the paint begins to lose its vibrancy which affects the aesthetics of the car. This doesn’t have to be the case. Our paint protection service ensures that your car’s exterior always looks its best.
    • Mobile Car Detailing – we understand how hectic schedules can be for busy professionals and have created a flexible mobile car detailing option for customers who need to have their car detailed for business purposes. We’re happy to come to you to detail your car anywhere in the GTA.
    • Interior Car Detailing – while the exterior of your car gives an impression, the inside of your car is where you get to experience your car. Maintain a pristine interior by enlisting our interior car detailing services.
    • Engine Detailing – detailing your engine helps remove any grease or dirt buildup that can become problematic in the long run.  Our experts use a series of specialized techniques to power wash your engine, degrease, steam clean and apply protective coatings to all delicate engine components.
    • Ceramic Coating – coating and polishing your car helps to maintain your car’s finish. A single application of our clear glass ceramic coating can protect the paint on your car for up to 24 months.

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