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    With cars being the primary mode of transportation in Scarborough, vehicle maintenance is especially important. The dirty and grime that builds up with daily use of your car may just seem unattractive but it can actually be causing damage to your paint which, if it gets bad enough, may require professional repair.

    However, you can avoid this with Scarborough car detailing from Auto Detailing Pro. We’ve made car maintenance more convenient than ever with our fully mobile car detailing system. No longer to Scarborough residents have to deal with the inferior quality of automatic car washes or spend their time off hand washing their cars. With Auto Detailing Pro car detailing we come to you equipped with the tools, water and power we need to make sure your car is clean, shiny and ready to face another day on Scarborough roads.

    Why Choose Auto Detailing Pro Car Detailing in Scarborough?

    Superior Steam Cleaning: The power of steam disinfects your car without the use of harsh chemical that can be damaging to you and the environment. Steam also allows us to use less water while still delivering the cleanest car possible.

    Affordable Package Deals: We offer a range of Toronto car detailing options to suit any budget or schedule. With everything from express car washes to thorough interior/exterior detailing packages, there’s an option to suit your car.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our work 100% and take pride in our 100+ 5-star reviews. Auto Detailing Pro makes it a top priority to continue meeting the quality standards we’ve set forth for ourselves and our Scarborough customers.

    Call us today at 800-716-5668 to see why we have so many repeat Scarborough car detailing customers!

    What’s Included?

    Auto Detailing Pro offers a full range of interior and exterior detailing that gives customers in Scarborough the ability to restore their cars to mint condition. The following detailing solutions are available for all types of vehicles:

    • full interior detailing
    • engine detailing
    • exterior detailing and application of special ceramic coatings to vehicle
    • mobile headlight restoration
    • full exterior cleaning and detailing

    Why Choose Us?

    Detailing a vehicle well takes great skill. Our experts at Auto Detailing Pro are thorough and know what it takes to produce great results. Car manufacturers design cars to be aesthetically appealing inside and out, but frequent use takes a toll on vehicles. Your vehicle is your joy and pride and it should always look its best.

    Our team is committed to excellence and we see every vehicle we handle as an opportunity to transform a car into the beauty it was created to be.

    Our Scarborough Car Detailing Services

    • Luxury Car Detailing – we know just how to bring out the spectacular quality high-end cars are designed to display. Bring your luxury car to us for interior and exterior detailing that will bring out the best in your car.
    • Headlight Restoration – exposure to the weather elements can cause headlight to become cloudy or foggy over time. When your headlights are not operating at optimal performance, it compromises safety. Our headlight restoration service can help get your headlights back to good condition.
    • New Car Paint Protection – everyone loves the look of a shiny brand new car. Preserving the paint on your car can make all the difference in its exterior appeal. Trust our team to use top-of-the-line products to protect the paint on your car.
    • Mobile Car Detailing – the ability to have your car detailed right where you are is a service many or our customers enjoy. If your vehicle is a critical part of your business and you need it detailed in between clients, you can count on our team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
    • Interior Car Detailing – due to frequent use, the inside of your car often has dirt and stains. Our team can conduct a thorough cleaning of your car’s interior to make sure every inch is spotless.
    • Engine Detailing – the importance of keeping your engine free of grease and dirt buildup cannot be overstated. Our professional engine detailing service includes a series of techniques to effectively remove grease and dirt.
    • Ceramic Coating – coating and polishing your vehicle preserves the paint and keeps it looking vibrant. With just one application of our ceramic coating, you can protect your car’s paint for up to 24 months.

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