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    Find us in the heart of East York. Here in Auto Detailing Pro, it’s our mission to help our clients with their busy lives. We’re a full mobile car detailing in East York and we’ll come to you and provide you with the following services: interior and exterior cleaning, full mobile car detailing, headlight restoration, and more! Spend time on what truly matters, may it be work or play. Leave the detailing to us!

    We also service clients in Unionville, Innisfil, Barrie, Toronto, Maple, and throughout the region.

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    Our Detailing Services in East York are Top-Notch

    Some may not notice but there is a significant difference between a car detail and car washing. Not just that, we guarantee that we use 100% high quality car care products, and highly trained car specialists. This is all to ensure your car is treated with top-notch care. Not only that, we have years of experience in the detailing industry together with professional training from major car suppliers. You can rest assured that we provide you with the best service you’ll experience. 

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Fully Mobile Car Detailing

    We know you’re busy. There would be occasions you won’t have the time to visit an auto detailing center just to service your car. Don’t worry about that. We provide a fully mobile car detailing so we’ll just come to you wherever you are in East York. Our team is ready to come to you complete with tools and supplies. Get on with what you need to do, take care of your life, while we take care of your vehicle. 

    Environment Friendly

    We love the planet just as much as we love to take care of your car. Having a spotlessly clean car doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our environment. Here in East York, we guarantee that we use non-toxic, safe, and chemical-free products to protect your car and our planet. 

    Powerful steam cleaning

    You might think steam cleaning is “gentler” than a regular wash, but think again. With our powerful vacuum and steam, we get to remove all the dirt, stain, grime, dust, and refresh your car like new! All without using harmful detergents.

    Budget Friendly Packages

    We understand that not car owners have allotted the same budget to maintain their cars. Fret not. We created several custom packages you can choose from with every service that your vehicle needs. Not only that, you can also avail extra services on-top if you’re feeling lucky. 

    Phenomenal Satisfaction in East York

    Our customers are always happy after availing our car detailing service. We focus on every bit of detail on your car, with every nook and cranny. It will be so clean you feel like you’ve just purchased something brand new from a dealer! You can even purchase auto detailing gift cards to give your friends or loved ones. Our mission is to provide immaculate service to the best of our abilities. That’s why we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee on every interior, exterior, protection, restoration, and all our services. 

    Services We Offer in East York

    We offer the following mobile car detailing services in East York, GTA, Georgetown, Maple, and more, don’t be afraid to send us an inquiry!

    • Luxury Car Detailing – It’s tricky to have your luxury cars detailed. They deserve delicate attention, and it’s risky to handle by yourself (or by amateurs). If you’re worried about taking care of your luxury vehicle. Trust our professionals to come to you wherever you are in East York and give you the best luxury detailing and care.
    • Headlight Restoration – Cloudy or broken headlights signals danger! If you need headlight restoration in East York, you must do it ASAP, and we can do it ASAP. We’ll repair your headlights like new and keep you, and everyone safe. 
    • Paint Protection – With so many paint protection choices, we understand you can get confused. You shouldn’t be. Organic, Inorganic, PTFE, Glass, Ceramic? Our professional detailers can decide what’s right for your car and your budget. 
    • Mobile Car Detailing – Our full restoration package. When we say full, we mean FULL. This is why this service of ours is a crowd favourite. We have an elaborate process to make sure every inch in your vehicle receives 5-star service. We recommend this if your vehicle hasn’t been given care or cleaned for months, years even. 
    • Interior Car Detailing – Got kids? Pets? Dander, food leftovers, crayons, paint. All the mess.  Our interior car detailing service will make sure your cushion, covers, and interior will not only look good, it will smell brand new too. 
    • Engine Detailing – Don’t forget about your engine! It’s usually the most neglected area with detailing because it’s hidden from your view. We can clean your car’s engine precisely! We can condition hoses, wire covers, caps, and the works. You’d forget it’s dirty in the first place.
    • Ceramic Coating – A few people think ceramic coating is a trend. We beg to differ. Ceramic coating not only gives your car a lustrous shine, it also protects the exterior for the long run. 

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