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    A charming Canadian town set between the 2 branches of Humber River. Kleinburg is an ideal destination for those who want to reside in a more peaceful town away from Toronto’s bustling vibes. Only 25 miles from Toronto, Kleinburg possesses many quaint and exciting attractions from restaurants, stores, and outdoors. Kleinburg, with its busy variances, was reaching out for a professional mobile detailer to provide the increasing demand of both commercial and residential markets.

    Whether it be in the cold winter season, or hot days of summer, Auto Detailing Pro will offer you a prompt and professional car detailing service every single time. We also service clients in Georgetown, Barrie, Toronto, GTA, Maple, and throughout the region.

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    Why We’re Kleinburg’s Premier Mobile Auto Detailing Company

    Yes. There is a huge difference between a car wash and a car detail. It might not be very obvious but it all starts not just with the products we use, but the service we provide. With the option of more than 100 high quality car care products, and car specialists – all to make sure your vehicle is treated with utmost care.

    In addition, Auto Detailing Pro has years of industry experience combined with professional training from all major car suppliers so you can be sure that we can provide you the best service ever.

    Why Choose Our Services?

    We come to you

    Not everyone has the time of day to travel to an auto detailing place and get bored waiting for their car to be serviced. You don’t have to worry about that. We offer mobile car detailing so we come to you wherever you are in Kleinburg. We have a mobile team to visit you complete with supplies and tools. So you can get on with your life, while we attend to your vehicle! 

    Green detailing

    Having a car feel and look like brand new is one of the best feelings in the world. But, having a clean car doesn’t mean our environment has to take the consequences. Here at Auto Detailing Pro in Kleinburg, we make sure we use safe, non-toxic products to protect our planet. We also offer powerful steam cleaning services to lessen water usage. 

    Powerful steam cleaning

    Speaking of steam cleaning, let us clean your car, truck, or any vehicle using a natural anti-bacterial cleaner with steam. By using a high power vacuum cleaning on your vehicle with steam, we can restore your car like brand new! All without the use of harmful chemical detergents. 

    Packages to Fit Every Budget

    Auto detailing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We understand that every Kleinburg resident has other priorities financially. Not everyone wants a complicated detailing package. We know that. That’s why we offer different packages and extras that you can choose from. You get the service you want while sticking to your budget. Win-win.

    Kleinburg’s Satisfied Customers

    We take pride in giving our customers the best auto detailing service that a company can provide. Our efforts are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We love what we do and we care for your car! We treat each car with precise cleaning and search every nook and cranny where dirt loves to hide. We won’t stop until your car looks its best.

    Services We Offer in Kleinburg

    We offer the following mobile car detailing services in Kleinburg, GTA, Georgetown, Maple, and more, don’t be afraid to send us an inquiry!

    • Luxury Car Detailing –Luxury car detailing can be tricky and risky to handle by yourself. If you’re concerned that detailing your vehicle is a little more than you can handle, find professionals you can trust. Call Auto Detailing Pro. We’ll come to you wherever you are in Kleinburg and handle all the detailing with the best care.
    • Headlight Restoration – See clearly. Be seen. Cloudy headlights are very dangerous! Broken are even more so. We’ll transform your headlights good as new and keep you and others safe.  
    • Paint Protection – Organic, Inorganic, PTFE, Glass, Ceramic, Nano. With so many choices, we understand this can get confusing. Don’t be. We have professional detailers and the right products best for your vehicle and your budget. 
    • Mobile Car Detailing – Our complete restoration package. When we say complete, we mean COMPLETE. This is why this service of ours is a bestseller. We have a step by step process to make sure every spot in your car receives 5-star service. We recommend this if your vehicle hasn’t been given attention or polished for months, years even. 
    • Interior Car Detailing – We designed this service to restore your vehicle’s interior to its best condition. We meticulously detail every inch of so your car looks amazing inside or out. We aim to make your car look as new as possible. 
    • Engine Detailing – One of the most neglected areas when it comes to detailing is the engine compartment. Why? Simple. It’s hidden from plain sight. We are here to safely clean your vehicle’s engine. After your engine is detailed, we condition all wire covers, hoses, caps, etc. Making the engine area look like it has been maintained perfectly. 
    • Ceramic Coating – We offer a series of protective coatings for automotive surfaces which protect paint, plastic, glass, metal, leather, textile, or any surface.

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